Trieste and Friuli Venezia Giulia

At the top of the Lonely Planet’s “List of the world’s unsung places”, Trieste is a multi-faceted town. As a former port of the Habsburg Empire you may enjoy a truly Central European atmosphere. This cultural melting pot also triggered inspiration for James Joyce’s Ulysses, one of the greatest masterpieces of XX century literature. Deeply wounded by the tragic events of World War 2, Trieste has regained its multi-ethnic and multi-cultural approach. Besides being a flourishing and strategic port, Trieste is now a city of science, well known in Europe and worldwide for its high concentration of national and international scientific institutions that have played a crucial role in the relationship between Eastern and Western scientists.

Trieste is also the capital city of Friuli Venezia Giulia, an area in North Eastern Italy on the border with Austria and Slovenia, where the Alps pay tribute to the sea as is witnessed in its unforgettable food & wine experience  ( Taste the Collio white wines (, San Daniele ham (, Montasio cheese (, the fish in Trieste and much more …

You can also discover Roman Aquileia (, Langobard Cividale (, Friulian Udine, the star fort of Palmanova ( and middle European Gorizia, swim in Grado and Lignano, walk and climb in the Natural Park of the Friulian Dolomites ( and stimulate your adrenalin by rafting in the Fella river (

The Venue: Stazione Marittima

The conference will take place in the Stazione Marittima. Born as a Maritime Station for cruise ships, the location offers a unique view of the Adriatic sea, with the castle of Miramare as a backdrop. Not far from Piazza Unità d’Italia, it can be reached on foot from most hotels enabling you to enjoy the waterfront walk.

How to Reach Trieste

Trieste airport (, 35 km, is connected to the downtown by train or bus. But also the intercontinental Venice Marco Polo airport, Treviso airport (mainly low cost) and Ljubljana in Slovenia can be reached by train and/or bus links. The railway station is located in the heart of Trieste. Trieste is also served by the Flixbus bus service. And if you like to bike, the Alpe Adria trail brings you from the Austrian border to the sea. 

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Trieste is a rapidly growing tourism destination where you can find the accommodation that best suits you.

Hotels – our tips:

And why not? Enjoy a true holiday in the splendid Portopiccolo Marriot Falisia ( And if you prefer B&B, there are plenty of choices … on the hills, downtown, seaview, enjoy the hospitality of Trieste!

Photo Credits: Fabrice Gallina ‘Vista dalla Lanterna’, ‘Foliage’; Marco Milani ‘Piazza Unità’; Gabriele Crozzoli ‘Stazione Marittima’; Ulderica Da Pozzo ‘Vedurta a Palmanova’