Presenting Authors

For Authors of in presence papers: Please upload your presentation the day before in the Speakers’ Preview Room. We rely on your cooperation for a smooth running of presentations.
A 16:9 format for presentations is recommended.

For Authors of papers in Virtual Sessions: The video of your pre-recorded presentation will be available on demand for the all duration of the conference (the time slot in the program is just for compatibility with in presence sessions).
Virtual attendees can post questions related to your presentation anytime, through the Discussion/Comments link in the Virtual Program. You may reply to these comments through the same link.

Message to Chairs

For all Sessions: One of your roles as a Chair will be to monitor the comments in the Virtual Program, from time to time during the duration of the conference. Please make sure that no inappropriate comment is made, and monitor that the authors reply the comments.
As a Chair, you will be able to moderate the comments accessing the link Moderator Panel under the user icon on the top right of the Virtual Program. If you are chairing a Virtual Session, this is the only duty you have.

For in presence Sessions: Besides the classical Chairing duties, if an Author of a presentation is not present (no-show), the pre-recorded video of the presentation will be run. In this case, no direct question may be asked to the absent speaker, but offline questions may still be asked through the Virtual Program platform.

Live stream – Instructions for Chairs in the Saturnia Room (Track 1): All presentations in the Saturnia Room (Track 1) will be live streamed.
Please remind speakers not to use pointers but use the mouse to enable virtual participants to follow their presentation.
Live questions are warmly welcome. Participants may ask questions from the podium by using the microphone.
Virtual participants may ask questions in the chat. As a Chair, you will be able to access the questions in the chat through a pc on the desk besides the stage. Please collect them and coordinate the discussion.