Submission Types and Specifics

Call for Contributed Papers: Papers are invited in the form of regular manuscripts. Papers must conform to the submission policy, described below, requiring that all manuscripts be in 2- column format and meet strict page limits.

Call for Invited Sessions: Invited sessions consist of 5-6 papers presenting a unifying theme from a diversity of viewpoints. Proposals must describe the motivation and relevance of the session. Proposals must be accompanied by a 2 page document describing the motivation and relevance of the session and containing titles and abstracts of the papers. Individual papers may be removed from a proposed session and replaced by appropriate contributed papers. In case an entire proposed session is rejected, selected papers may be accepted as contributed papers.

Call for Tutorial Sessions: Tutorial sessions are organized invited sessions with presentations that address state-of-the-art control theory and advanced industrial applications. Proposals must describe the motivation and relevance of the tutorial session. Tutorial session proposals cannot exceed 2 pages. Tutorial presentations may be 20, 40, or 60 minutes long, with the total session time not exceeding 2 hours. Submission of a tutorial paper is optional. If submitted, the manuscript will undergo the standard review process. Tutorial papers may be up to 18 pages long, with the total page count of the session not exceeding 36 pages. Panel discussions are also considered.

Call for Workshops: Workshops to be held prior to the conference are solicited on all related topics. Proposals for workshops addressing novel control methodologies and control applications are strongly encouraged.

Call for TCST Paper Presentation: Authors of relevant papers published recently in IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology may apply to give oral presentations of their published work at CCTA. Papers published on the TCST with publications date (see ) after June 1st 2020 and not previously presented at CCTA are eligible. To submit the paper, select the category ‘TSCT presentation’ from the submission site ( ) and submit the version of the paper published on TCST.

Call for Industrial Abstracts: As an application and industry oriented conference, CCTA offers the possibility to submit industrial abstracts that are included in the conference preprints but not in the proceedings. The corresponding author must be from industry. Industrial abstracts must conform to the submission policy, described below, requiring that all manuscripts be in 2-column format and meet the strict page limits of 2-4 pages. They are subject to peer-review similar to regular contributed papers. Industrial abstracts might be submitted in terms of an invited session.

Submission Specifics

All papers and session proposals must be submitted through the conference submission website and must be submitted in English. All submissions must conform to the following policy:

All submitted papers must be formatted in the standard 2-column IEEE Proceedings format. Click here for author kits with style (.cls) files for LaTeX and templates (.dot) for MS-Word: 

For the purposes of REVIEW, papers are limited to 8 pages; papers exceeding this limit cannot be uploaded.

For PUBLICATION in the Proceedings, accepted papers are limited to 6 pages; papers exceeding this limit are subject to a page over-length fee. 

After paying your registration fee, please upload your paper by June 30.

Remember to upload also the video-presentation by July 14th (also for in presence participants).

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